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Heardle 50s

What exactly is Heardle 50s?

Heardle 50s Decades is a musical game inspired by the popular game Wordle in which the player must discover the music in the fewest number of tries. A fun variation is Heardle Decades, in which you must guess a song from a specific decade based solely on the intro. Heardle is the game for you if you believe you have a strong enough memory to correctly guess the playlist title 50 times in a row.

In this game, you do not have to guess a word; instead, you must guess a different song every day. The game is very simple: play a song while listening to the intro and guess it in six attempts. If you succeed, the answer from heardle 50 shows the time remaining for the next song as well as the attempt number. It then allows you to share it on social media. It is only valid once per day.

Game Instructions

Guess the heardle in six attempts. Each guess must be from the list of songs. You can hear a little more of the mystery song after each guess until you reach the end, when you can hear a larger portion of the day's song.

Heardle 50s music game link is a simple hobby that has already attracted thousands of users due to its simplicity and the fact that you only have 6 daily attempts (the same for everyone) to solve its challenge. If the user is successful in solving the song, he or she can share it on all social networks. Each heardle 50s music game is selected at random from a list of the most streamed songs in the previous decade. This game is fantastic for music fans, and it is presented as a daily challenge that is addictive.

- After listening to the intro, choose a 1950s song from the list.

- Incorrect or missed attempts unlock more of the intro

- Answer in as few attempts as possible and share your score!

- Turn up the volume and tap to start the track!

How to play Heardle 50s

Using mouse

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