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Hello Wordl

What is Hello Wordl?

Hello Wordl is an innovative word puzzle game that serves as a modern-day rendition of the classic Wordle. Rooted in the spirit of Lingo, it challenges players to decipher a hidden target word within six attempts, all while providing feedback in the style of the popular game Mastermind.


  1. 6 Guesses for the Target Word: Your primary objective in Hello Wordl is to guess the target word within just six attempts. Each guess must be a word of your own creation.

  2. Mastermind-Style Feedback: After each guess, Hello Wordl provides feedback in the form of color-coded hints. These hints are reminiscent of the classic Mastermind board game:

    • GREEN: A green hint signifies that a letter in your guess is not only present in the target word but also in the correct position.
    • YELLOW: A yellow hint indicates that you've guessed a letter that is in the target word but not in the same position as in your guess.
    • GRAY: A gray hint suggests that the guessed letter is not part of the target word at all.


  1. Nostalgic Remake: Hello Wordl pays homage to the classic Wordle and Lingo while adding its unique flair. It's a fusion of nostalgia and modern wordplay that appeals to both new and seasoned word game enthusiasts.

  2. Strategic Wordplay: The game encourages strategic thinking as you aim to crack the target word within a limited number of attempts. Use your feedback wisely to refine your guesses and inch closer to victory.

  3. Mastermind-Style Feedback: The incorporation of Mastermind-style feedback adds an element of mystery and excitement to the game. It's not just about guessing the word; it's about decoding the clues effectively.

  4. Accessible and Addictive: Hello Wordl is designed to be accessible on various platforms, ensuring that you can enjoy this word puzzle whenever you please. Its addictive nature keeps you engaged and eager to take on the challenge again and again.

How to play Hello Wordl

Using mouse

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