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What exactly is IYKYK?

IYKYK, which was designed by the same team as #CultureTags, combines Wordle and the card game #CultureTags. The object of the game is to guess an acronym in three or fewer guesses. There is a recommendation following your second guess, as well as the first letter of each word and the number of letters in each. By clicking on numbers 1 and 2, previous estimates can be shown. Each row in the phrase must be answered in a guess.

Green, yellow, and grey bricks are also seen. IYKYK contains the first letter of each word in GREEN. Green letters indicate the right answer. YELLOW is a letter in the word, but it is in the incorrect location. There are no dark grey letters in the answer. Despite the fact that IYKYK is based on #CultureTags, there are no acronyms from that game in IYKYK. Every day, a new CultureTag is issued. Have a great time!


  • Guess the CULTURETAG in three attempts. A hint is revealed on the second attempt. By clicking the digits 1 and 2, previous estimates can be found.
  • Each estimate must include a response for each row in the phrase. PRESS ENTER TO SUBMIT.
  • After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to represent how close your guess was.


  • Tools for expanding your options and refining your skills.
  • The gameplay is interesting.
  • Images that are vivid and three-dimensional.

How to play iykyk

Using mouse

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