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Jump Jousts Jam

What is Jump Jousts Jam?

Jump Jousts Jam is the latest Cartoon Network fighting game for two players in which you will be leaping a lot, just as in the previous Jump Jousts Games, of which there were two, demonstrating that this is a popular series for fans of these characters all over the world.

Prepare to play the Jump Jousts Jam game while surrounded by TV's most beloved cartoon characters and heroes, including the major characters from Teen Titans Go, Looney Tunes, Adventure Time, and many other shows!

Game Rules

The game is a fighting game in which the characters you choose, creating a team of three, battle each other by jumping and attacking, thus emptying the other one's health bar first to win, whether it is the computer or another actual opponent for the 2P mode. If that's how you want to play, here are the control schemes:

  • Player 1 moves and jumps with WASD, attacks with Q, and performs a special attack with E.
  • Player 2 moves and jumps with the J, I, K, L keys, attacks with the U key, and performs a special attack with the O key.

Make your squad as fascinating and exciting as possible by mixing characters together, and begin the leaping bouts online like only here can you have fun with, after which our staff encourages you to check out more of today's content, it's all been a blast!

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