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Mathler is a simple game that can be played for free on its own website. There are no advertisements, and you can only play it once per day (of course), with a new puzzle appearing at 7 p.m. ET (midnight GMT)

Unlike Wordle, you know the answer ahead of time, and in this case, it's a number. The goal is to solve the equation using the digits 0-9 and the +, -, *, and / operations that have been placed in the six boxes.

That's more difficult than it sounds, because there are multiple ways to arrive at the answer on any given day. For example, if the answer is 20, the solution could be 1*5+15 or 30-8-2; the difficult part is determining which path is correct.

As with Wordle, you get some hints: if a digit is correct and in the correct place, it turns green; if it is correct but in the wrong place, it turns yellow; and if it is incorrect, it turns gray.
If you get it right, you'll see a familiar pop-up with information about your games played, success rate, longest streak, and guess distribution. There's also a Share button to show the world how clever you are, with the solution cleverly hidden.

It was created by Daniel Tait and appears to be a new game — so now is your chance to get in before the rest of the world does.

While Mathler appears to be very similar to games like Wordle on the surface, it is far more difficult to use. There are six tiles to fill, but they must all contain a number or a mathematical operator. Unlike Nerdle, where you must include the solution within the guesses, Mathler only requires the equation.

Because the target number changes every day, it's impossible to cheat your way through Mathler with tactical guesses and strategic thinking.  As with Wordle, a green tile indicates that you have the correct number or operator in its position, an orange tile indicates that it is in the equation but not in the correct place, and a grey tile indicates that it is not in the answer. Although the layout is familiar, completing each Mathler is no easy task.

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