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Melodic Tiles

Melodic Tiles invites you to a music and note-filled puzzle! To solve the puzzles in this addicting game, you don't need to know how to play an instrument. Can you complete all of the levels while creating some delicious music?

This game combines music and puzzles and has two separate game modes. Your goal is to complete all of the levels by removing all of the tiles from the board. To accomplish this, identical tiles must be arranged in groups of three or more. Only the first game mode, Rehearsal, is available initially. After completing the first 100 levels of this mode, the second one becomes available for play. If you run out of pairs for the remaining tiles while playing, you can use explosives to get rid of them. With the addition of a melody bar at the top, the second option adds a bit of a challenge. In this mode, you must keep an eye on the bar and delete tiles based on the colors that appear on it. If the bar fills full, you will forfeit the level and must restart. Can you demonstrate your mastery by finishing all of the levels?

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