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Monopoly Go

Welcome to the board game where you advance by rolling the dice and moving your game Token via the various Property Tiles. You make money and build up your properties as you progress until you clear the Board and move on to the next one.

In addition to the conventional Monopoly Houses and Hotels, you will also construct Board-specific Landmarks. To finish the Board and move along the Map, you must spend money to level up these Landmarks. You'll join a minigame if you land on a Railroad Tile! In the Shut Down minigame, you can attack other players' Landmarks and take money, or you can get lucky and drain their bank account in Bank Heist!

The game includes animated versions of famous Monopoly characters like Scottie and Mr. Monopoly who guide players through new boards inspired after cities and fantasy regions.

Monopoly Go! has both classic and new features, characters, and more, including popular tokens like the Racecar and Top Hat. Users can unlock and play over 100 various boards, with all locations upgradeable, allowing them to show off their financial standing and gain higher rewards.

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