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My Eyes Deceive

What is My Eyes Deceive?

My Eyes Deceive beckons players into a harrowing first-person psychological horror narrative, immersing them in a chilling scenario set within a basement shelter. As the protagonist, players assume the role of a young girl who has spent her entire life confined within this shelter amidst a world plagued by a deadly disease and societal chaos. Let's uncover the haunting depths of this gripping tale, exploring its eerie setting, gameplay rules, and captivating features.

The game's narrative unfolds within the confines of a basement shelter, offering a claustrophobic and foreboding atmosphere. The protagonist's life has been sequestered within these walls, shielded from the horrors rampant in the infected outside world. The chilling ambiance and isolation intensify the psychological terror, enveloping players in a gripping tale of survival and fear.

Game Rules

My Eyes Deceive introduces players to an intricate web of puzzles, challenges, and narrative-driven decision-making. The gameplay is an exploration of the protagonist's psyche, entwining the player's choices with the unraveling story. Navigating the shelter's corridors, solving cryptic puzzles, and making pivotal decisions shape the progression of events, gradually unfurling the unsettling truths buried within.

The narrative unfolds over approximately a week, presenting a time-sensitive challenge that keeps players on edge. Every action and decision carries weight, impacting the story's direction and the protagonist's fate.


Immersive Storytelling

The game’s strength lies in its immersive storytelling, crafting a gripping narrative that unfolds gradually, teasing out the mysteries while instilling a sense of dread and urgency.

Psychological Depth

Delving into the psychological depths of the protagonist's mind, "My Eyes Deceive" weaves a compelling tale, blurring the lines between reality and the character's perception.

Survival and Decision-Making

Survival instincts come to the forefront as players navigate the shelter, making choices that influence the narrative's outcome, offering multiple endings based on decisions made throughout the game.

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