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My Little Universe

What is My Little Universe?

My Little Universe will let gamers explore and construct their own worlds. Although modest, it will cover a planet's development from the beginning. Strive for the best achievements for yourself.

Creating a universe isn't easy, but it's a lot of fun, as demonstrated by this enjoyable casual world-building adventure game. 

You will begin your journey of creating your own universe on a planet in the cosmos. There will be materials on the planet's surface for you to begin mining. These resources can then be used to build various constructions. From then, continents are formed with numerous new technologies to assist you. Begin a new civilization with an unprecedented rate of expansion. Move on to another planet once the one you're managing has reached perfection. Continue your trek until your footprints are all over the place. Create a modern and developed universe that you control.

Remember that there will be times when resources can be mined for free. That is, you do not need to expend any work or resources to make use of it. Supports the growth you're attempting to achieve. The more you play, the faster you can achieve your objectives.

Game Rules

Planets that are distinct

There will be numerous planets in the universe you are creating, comparable to the solar system. You will access the next land after completing the required milestones on a planet. Based on the raw materials used, each location has its own development path. You may make fantastic projects with over 15 different sorts of resources.

Make use of tools

Each god has their own weapon that serves as an indelible representation of them. You also have your own weapon, the pickaxe that generates life. It can assist you in completing an incredible amount of work. However, in order to help this object push its limits and enhance productivity, you must upgrade. Utilize the resources at your disposal to complete this required operation. It will be transformed through eight different levels.

There are numerous types of settings

Planets will have different environments depending on how they grow. There are ten different types of environments to explore and develop in all. Lava, water, mud, ice, and diamonds cover every surface. You will be moving around while you construct your structures. However, you must exercise extreme caution because threats may surface at any time.

Industrial establishments

Once a planet's level has risen significantly, you can begin constructing industrial facilities. These industrial facilities perform tasks such as metal smelting and mineral processing. You can speed up the material production process by upgrading it.


The charm of this basic yet fascinating cross-genre exploitation game in which you write your own creative tale is enhanced by simple yet captivating graphics and powerful sound design.

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