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Oregon Trail

What is Oregon Trail?

The Oregon Trail is a straightforward survival game, with the majority of your chores being simple to execute but relatively challenging to perfect. It's possible to mess up some of them, and if you do, you'll face serious consequences, but the majority of the game consists of clicking on a location, waiting a few minutes for your party to travel there, and then acquiring some sort of resource before repeating the process. While this isn't usually a bad thing, it does indicate that the title isn't particularly interesting. 

Game Rules

Along the journey, there are various landmarks where players can make decisions, shop for supplies, or relax. The Kansas River, Big Blue River, Fort Kearney, Chimney Rock, Fort Laramie, Independence Rock, South Pass, Fort Bridger, Green River, Soda Springs, Fort Hall, Snake River, Fort Boise, Grande Ronde Valley in the Blue Mountains, Fort Walla Walla, and The Dalles are among these sites.

Travelers can either kayak via the Columbia River Gorge or follow the Barlow Road to get to Oregon's Willamette Valley.

The capacity to hunt was an important component of the game. Players select the hunt option (#8) and hunt wild animals to add to their food stocks, using firearms and bullets purchased throughout the game. 

There were no pictures in the original edition, and players were timed on how quickly they could write "BANG," "WHAM," or "POW," with misspelled words resulting in a failed hunt.

Players in the initial full-graphics version controlled a small man who could aim a gun in one of eight different directions and fire single rounds at animals. In later versions, players hunted using a cross-hair controlled by a mouse or touch screen (or, in the Wii version, the Wii Remote pointer).


  • Take on 15 different Journeys.
  • Explore seven quests based on historical events.
  • Keep an eye on your party's health, morale, stamina, and hygiene.
  • Manage your inventory so that you can fit everything inside the wagon.
  • Maintain your wagon to avoid breakdowns and inventory losses caused by spoilage or spillage.
  • In your interactive Journal, you will learn about actual people and locations.
  • Collect and learn about the various animals you'll see on the journey.
  • In the new Fishing mini-game, you can catch over 80 different species.
  • Obtain 140 or more achievements.

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