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Paradise Island 2

What is Paradise Island 2?

Paradise Island 2 is the sequel to one of the most vibrant and popular simulation games around. Players are put in charge of their own tropical island and are responsible for developing the infrastructure to make the island a new tourist paradise.

There is a strong social element in Paradise Island 2 as players are encouraged to connect with each other and send special gifts. The first task the player is given is to build their own hotel to attract tourists and as the game progresses a number of different missions and elements are gradually added to give the player more diversity.


  • Play the game in offline mode, no network connection is required - you can play the game anywhere, even on the plane or subway.
  • The in-game management system has been thoroughly improved and developed
  • Opportunity to share achievements with friends and compete with other players
  • Enjoy the vibrant life on your very own island
  • The game does not require a constant network connection
  • Immersed in the unique atmosphere of summer and unforgettable adventures, you are taken to a deserted island and your task is to turn it into a vacation paradise.

Build your own tourist resort with luxury hotels, welcome guests, and complete hundreds of interesting missions. Yes, heaven is at your fingertips.

How to play Paradise Island 2

Using Mouse

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