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Passwordle, a password guessing game, directly credits Wordle as its main inspiration. Ashley Knowles created Passwordle in 2022 using Hannah Park's open-source code for Wordle spin-offs. The goal is for players to guess a random string of letters and symbols that make up a password.

In terms of general rules and mechanics, Passwordle is identical to Wordle. Green and yellow tiles indicate how close players are to correctly guessing the character chain. There are six possible answers to choose from.

Passwordle is a spin-off of the popular word-guessing game Wordle in which players must guess a five-character string of letters. Instead of a five-letter English (or other language) word, possible answers are drawn from the most common five-character passwords, such as "12345." Users are given six guesses, with correct answers in the incorrect position colored yellow and correct answers in the correct position colored green. In addition, unlike standard Wordle, accepted answers can include numbers as well as letters.

Green and yellow tiles are used by players to indicate how close they are to correctly predicting the character sequence. There are a total of six possible theories.
However, because the passwords are so long and unpredictable, this game may be difficult. As a result, proceed with caution when putting your well-informed predictions into action. Never be afraid to scribble your ideas down on a scrap of paper.

How to play Passwordle

Using Mouse

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