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Skibidi Toilet IO

What is Skibidi Toilet IO?

Skibidi Toilet IO is a humorous IO game for two players in which you must push all of your opponents off the platform. Your vehicle will function as a toilet. Isn't that true? Hurry up and shove all of your opponents in order to gain points. You can play this game alone against bots or with a friend in local mode for hours of fun.

Game Rules

Skibidi is a wonderfully bizarre game in which your character is a toilet head! Choose your head, collect toilet paper to boost your power, and push other toilets out of the crowded arena to assert your dominance. Prepare for unexpected attacks from other furious toilet heads and choose whether to ally or duel in an exciting two-player scenario. Will you reign as king or get flushed away in this tornado of ridiculous, commode-filled colosseum? Come go out and play this game!

Collect as much toilet paper as you can in order to grow in size and strength. When you're big enough, your opponents won't be able to push you too hard, and every touch will send them to hell. You'll also be able to eat spicy chili peppers, which you know what they're capable of doing when you're sitting on a toilet.

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