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Slime Shop

What is Slime Shop?

Slime Shop encapsulates the essence of creativity and entrepreneurship, inviting players to embrace their inner artists. The game challenges individuals to assist customers in creating unique slimes by providing the right ingredients and dyes, showcasing their artistic prowess.

Rules of Game

The gameplay revolves around guiding customers to recreate specific examples showcased in each level. Players must meticulously select the right colors from a diverse palette and expertly fill in the blanks to replicate the desired slime. Precision and attention to detail are key as players aim to achieve the perfect blend and color combination.


  • Artistic Expression: Feel like a true artist, exploring a diverse palette to create colorful and mesmerizing slimes that match the examples provided.

  • Entrepreneurial Challenge: Grow your business by satisfying customers with impeccable slimes, unlocking new levels and challenges as you progress.

  • Relaxing Gameplay: Enjoy a relaxing yet engaging experience, combining creativity with a soothing atmosphere to unwind while having fun.

  • Precision and Mastery: Hone your skills by being precise in your movements, honing the artist within as you strive for perfection.

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