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Smash Karts

What is Smash Karts?

Smash Karts is a driving game in which you compete against other players. Let's race your kart around the arena, killing your opponents.

Are you looking for a multiplayer game that you and your friends can enjoy together? This is the best option. You can choose between four game modes in this game. There are four of them: Free For All, Gem Collector, Capture The Flag, and Hat Holder. You must complete different missions in each game mode.

After winning a battle in any game mode, you can be rewarded with a large number of coins and experience points. These coins and experience points are extremely valuable, so you should collect as many as possible in order to level up. You will receive a ticket whenever your level increases.

Game Rules

Each strategy necessitates a unique set of skills; can you master them all and fight your way to victory? Get on your kart and start a riot! Roll over the question mark squares to collect weapons and power-ups. Power-ups, rockets, automatic rifles, and mines are all available. The winner of the match will be the person who kills the most people in three minutes.

To win, collect power-ups and customize your kart before each race! On the track, there are weapons and power-ups to assist you, and some of them will make your opponent's life more difficult. You can also use the track to slow your opponents down by slamming them into walls and other obstacles. Smash other players to smithereens by firing at them or simply bashing them out of the way. The more opponents you destroy, the more coins you earn. Coins are useful for purchasing new karts! Start your engines and have a great time! The more players there are, the more chaotic the situation becomes!

How to play Smash Karts

  • Press WASD or arrow keys to drive your kart.
  • Press Space to fire weapons.

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