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Spellie is a daily word puzzle game for kids. If you have previously played Wordle and would like your children to be able to play this Wordle for Kids, we believe it is a suitable game for children. We will explain the spellie wordle game, how to download it, and why you should play spellie online. The popular Wordle game is adapted for children.

Spellie is a game that can only be played in daily mode; we tried it and it is a very simple wordle game for kids. There are three daily puzzles of varying difficulty. The simple puzzle makes use of short words from the Grade 2 vocabulary. The hard mode is difficult but only uses words from the Grade 5 vocabulary. You have six (6) chances to correctly guess the daily word.

Game's rules

It's a simple hobby that has gone viral due to its simplicity. You must guess the daily word six times in three different difficulty modes. If you succeed, you can share your solution with your friends on social media.

- In six attempts, find the hidden word.
- Each attempt must contain a valid 5 or 4-letter word.
- The color of the letters changes after each tries to indicate how close you are to hitting the word.
- If a box turns blue, it means that the letter isn't in the secret word.
- Yellow indicates that the letter is present in the word but not in that position.

- Green means you got the letter right, it's in the word and in the right place.
The puzzle will be updated at midnight local time.

How to play Spellie

Using mouse

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