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What exactly is a statele game? Based on the popular word game Wordle, this game has been altered to let players guess a challenge in the daily mode. Also known as the state wordle game, this clever game is fun to play. The following paragraphs will explain what this border game entails, how to download it, and why you should play Wordle EEUU States. Although this game isn't like Wordle, it still requires you to solve a mystery problem, so if you like puzzle games or quizzes, you'll probably like this online game!

Statele's regulations

Every day in this game, you have to decode a mystery state. Similar to Wordle, the rules of this word game are unambiguous and simple.

We have played this one-time-per-day game, and we can't wait to play it again tomorrow so that we can share our results with our friends.

If you'd like, you can ask us to review a website word game that isn't on our list of word games like wordle, or share your own results.

Which category does the Statele game belong in?

It is suggested that players of all ages play this word cloud game about geography. You can find additional games in this category that are comparable to wordle because of wordle's popularity.

The Rules Of Statele

For this game, which is akin to Wordle, there are a few rules:

After each guess, you will be able to determine the distance between your guess and the target state as well as its direction and surroundings.

MEXICO NEW 975 mi 66% instances

Your estimated distance of NEW MEXICO from the target state, which is in a north-easterly direction, is 975 miles, and as a result of its great distance, you only receive a 66% proximity rating!

Michigan, 470 miles, 83%

Your second guess, Michigan, is approaching! West direction, 470 miles, and 83%!

100% MANITOBA 0 miles

The next guess should be made for Minnesota. Congrats!

A brand-new STATELE will be available every day.

How to play Statele

Using mouse

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