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What is Sumplete?

Sumplete is the only answer! This fresh new game from AI is a Sudoku-inspired clone that will keep you engaged for hours.

Sumplete will put your puzzle-solving abilities to the test like never before. Each level delivers a distinct challenge that will keep you returning for more. And, because to our cutting-edge AI technology, you can be confident that each puzzle is designed to be as tough and fascinating as possible.

Game Rules

- You are given tiles with numbers of different difficulty: 3x3 to 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and so on. You can freely choose the difficulty, from basic to advanced math games

- Each row and column of the puzzle page has an OBJECTIVE number. The goal is to DELETE the correct numbers so that the SUM of each row and column hits its GOAL.

- If you need help, you can use the free hints or restart your math game.


Sumplete also has beautiful graphics and straightforward gameplay that is simple to learn but tough to master. With a variety of difficulty levels to choose from, you can tailor the game to your skill level.

How to play Sumplete

Using mouse

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