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We've heard of Heardle, a Wordle spinoff that guesses songs, as well as BTS Heardle, which is designed specifically for ARMYs. But if you're a Swiftie (aka Taylor Swift fan), you can also play a couple of wordle-style games! This is everything you need to know about Taylordle and Swiftle.

Swiftle wordle is a music-themed game that can be played once a day in challenge mode or in previous games. It's a Wordle-inspired puzzle game. Swiftle has a similar sharing feature that allows you to copy a group of emoji to your clipboard and share them with your social networks.

Swiftle does not require you to guess a word; instead, you must guess a different song each day. Listen to the clip and try to guess the Taylor Swift song in six attempts. If you succeed, Swiftle displays the time remaining for the next song as well as the attempt number. It then gives you the option to share it on social media. It can only be used once per day.

In six attempts, guess the Swiftle wordle. Each guess must be a song from the list. After each guess, you can hear a little more of the mystery song until you reach the end and hear a larger portion of the song of the day.

Swiftle is a simple hobby that has attracted thousands of users in just a few days due to its simplicity and the fact that you only have six daily attempts to solve its challenge (the same for everyone, too). If a user solves the Taylor Swift song, he or she can share it on all social networks. This Game is fantastic for music fans, and it is presented as an addictive daily challenge.

- Listen to the song's intro to figure out what it is.
- Incorrect or skipped guesses allow you to hear more of the song.
- The clip can come from any part of the song. It starts at one second, but with each guess, one more second of the clip is unlocked.

- Every time, press the play button to watch the video.

- Following a wrong guess, 1 more second of the clip is unlocked and ready to play.
- The correct answer is guessed after listening to 2 seconds of an unlocked clip.
- Correctly guess as many times as you can and share your score.
- Turn up the volume and tap to begin the song!

How to play Swiftle

Using Mouse

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