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Unolingo is a clever and original new take on a classic crossword puzzle that you will enjoy whether you enjoy crossword puzzles or word games.

Every Unolingo problem is a 10 × 10 crossword with 26 blank spaces that need each letter of the alphabet to be placed exactly in order.

With each letter of the alphabet, Unolingo does what a Sudoku puzzle does with numbers!

Use your understanding of words, logic, and deduction to solve the puzzle at one of four different difficulty levels.

Each puzzle is made by hand using a list of typical English words that would be more common at a party with friends than in a classroom.
A tough and innovative take on the classic crossword problem is provided by Unolingo, which is pronounced: "you-know-lingo." Each Unolingo puzzle is a 10x10 crossword without any clues, similar to a Sudoku puzzle but with letters instead of numbers. To complete the puzzle, which requires using each letter of the alphabet to fill in the 26 empty spaces, players must apply word knowledge, logic, and deductive reasoning.

This intriguing crossword problem is enjoyable for daily commuters, casual puzzle players, and serious word enthusiasts alike and can usually be finished in 5 to 15 minutes.


- 20 basic puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours; extra riddles are available for in-app purchases or social network sharing.

- Special tip and audit features to assist you in solving the trickiest puzzles

- Extra puzzles are obtainable by posting your accomplishments and scores on Facebook.

- Flexible design encourages social interaction, competitive time-based play, and casual play.

- Comprehensive performance data to track your development and benchmark yourself against others.

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