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Weaver is an online puzzle game in which players are given two words and must 'weave' their way from the first to the second. You do this by entering a four-letter word that only changes one letter from the starter word to get closer to the bottom word.

In this game, you can solve puzzles as many times as you want on any device. You don't have to wait for new levels to be released; simply log in from anywhere and at any time to enjoy this mind-bending game.

Weaver is a simple game to learn; all you need to know is that you must use both words and only letters from each word. For example, if the first word was 'orange,' and the second was 'lemon,' your answer would be 'yellow,' because it uses both words but only letters from both of them.

It may appear simple, but it is quite difficult. You begin by reading the two words, for example, Cherry and Apple. Then you must think of a word that connects the two, in this case, Cherry Tree.

After that, think of another word that connects them both, and so on until you reach the second word. When there are more than two words between them, as in this case: Lemon + Orange + Tangerine + Grapefruit > Apple > Pear

The game is difficult because there are so many different ways to connect the words that you're never sure which way is correct! Anyone can come up with their own creative solutions; it all depends on your imagination and how ridiculous you want to get.

See if you have what it takes to master this game. Good luck!

How to play Weaver

Using mouse

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