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What is Wordle-FR?

Wordle-FR is an engaging word-guessing game played in French, where players aim to identify a hidden five-letter word within six attempts. It combines elements of deduction, vocabulary, and strategy, offering a stimulating challenge for language enthusiasts and puzzle solvers alike.

Rules of Wordle-FR

  1. Guessing Process: To start the game, enter any five-letter word as your initial guess. The game will provide color-coded clues based on your guess:

    • Green: Indicates a correct letter that is in the correct position within the hidden word.
    • Yellow: Shows a correct letter that is in the hidden word but not in the exact position guessed.
    • Gray: Indicates that the letter is not in the hidden word at all.
  2. Objective: The goal of Wordle-FR is to deduce the hidden word through logical deduction and process of elimination within the six allotted attempts.

Tips to Excel in Wordle-FR

  • Start with Common French Words: Begin by guessing common French words to gather initial clues about the letters and their positions in the hidden word.

  • Use Clues Strategically: Analyze the color-coded clues carefully after each guess to refine your subsequent attempts.

  • Explore Letter Patterns: Look for recurring letter patterns and combinations to narrow down the possibilities effectively.

  • Eliminate Unlikely Words: As you progress, eliminate words that do not fit the clues provided to focus on potential candidates for the hidden word.

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