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20 Minutes Till Dawn

What is 20 Minutes Till Dawn?

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a roguelike shoot'em up in which you must survive the night by slaying endless hordes of Lovecraftian monsters.

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a survival roguelike in which hordes of creatures lurk in the shadows. Create a variety of powerful builds and wipe out waves of Lovecraftian nightmares. Will you be able to make it through the night?


Choose from a variety of upgrades in this rogue-lite survival game to create a unique and overpowered build with each run. You can be a fire wizard, for example, igniting monsters with every shotgun blast, or an agile ninja wielding magical knives to pierce your vampire foes.

During your survival adventure, you can choose from a wide range of characters and weapons that provide a variety of gameplay experiences!
Players should aim to increase their projectile count as much as possible, as it synergizes extremely well with the Flame Cannon. Additionally, players should strive to obtain perks such as Pyro Mage and Fire Starter. The Ethereal sword rune, which prevents the player's gun from consuming ammo, is the cherry on top of this build. This combination, when combined with a high projectile count, can render players unstoppable.


  • There are over 80 different upgrades to choose from, ensuring that each run is unique!
  • Characters, weapons, runes, maps, and vampire monsters abound.
  • For busy gamers, casual quick 10-20 minute play sessions are ideal.
  • The Rune System assists you in becoming stronger.

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