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3 Kings

What is 3 Kings?

3 Kings is a pocket roguelike strategy game where players are tasked with establishing and fortifying their kingdom. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world where strategic planning, resource management, and tactical combat are essential for survival. Players must navigate the challenges rival kings pose, defend their territories, and ultimately aim to dominate the realm.

Rules of 3 Kings

To master "3 Kings," understanding the rules is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the key rules:

  • Kingdom Building:

    • Resource Management: Gather and manage resources such as gold, wood, and food to build and upgrade your kingdom's infrastructure.
    • Building Structures: Construct various buildings including barracks, farms, mines, and defensive walls to support and protect your kingdom.
  • Defense and Invasion:

    • Army Recruitment: Recruit and train soldiers to form a robust army capable of defending your kingdom and attacking others.
    • Tactical Defense: Strategically place defensive units and fortifications to fend off invasions by rival kings.
  • Roguelike Elements:

    • Procedural Generation: Each game session offers a unique experience with procedurally generated maps and challenges.
    • Permadeath: If your kingdom falls, you must start over, making every decision critical.
  • Invasion Mechanics:

    • Conquering Rivals: Plan and execute invasions of rival kingdoms to expand your territory and resources.
    • King of Kings: The ultimate objective is to become the King of Kings by conquering all rival kingdoms and establishing supreme dominance.

Tips for Success in 3 Kings

  • Plan Ahead: Always think several steps ahead, whether you're managing resources, building structures, or planning invasions.
  • Balance Defense and Offense: A strong defense is just as important as a powerful offense. Ensure your kingdom is well-protected while you expand your territory.
  • Adapt to Challenges: Each game session is unique. Be ready to adapt your strategies based on the challenges and opportunities presented by the procedurally generated maps.
  • Form Alliances: Utilize the multiplayer features to form alliances with other players. Cooperation can provide strategic advantages and make the path to becoming the King of Kings smoother.

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