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What is Alphabeticle?

Alphabeticle stands as a unique puzzle game that challenges players to decipher hidden words using the order of letters in the alphabet as their guide. The game's premise centers around guessing a 5-letter word, with colors indicating the player's proximity to solving the puzzle. As players strive to uncover the mystery 4-letter word in five guesses, Alphabeticle combines strategic thinking with the alphabet's sequential order, offering an engaging and cerebral gaming experience.


To successfully navigate the world of Alphabeticle, players must understand and adhere to the rules that define this intriguing puzzle game:

  • 5-Letter Word Guess:

    • Players begin by guessing a 5-letter word, such as "LINKS" or another of their choice.
  • Color Indicators:

    • Colors are used to indicate how close the player is to solving the puzzle.
    • Only green indicates whether a letter is present in the word.
  • Mystery 4-Letter Word Guess:

    • After the initial 5-letter guess, players attempt to guess the mystery 4-letter word in five additional guesses.
  • Common Dictionary Words:

    • Each guess must be a 4-letter word from a common dictionary of words.
  • Alphabetical Direction Marking:

    • After each guess, boxes are marked to indicate the alphabetical direction of the letter that should be in that box.


Alphabeticle incorporates features that add depth and challenge to the puzzle-solving experience, making it an intriguing and intellectually stimulating game:

  • Alphabetical Guidance:

    • The game uniquely incorporates the order of letters in the alphabet as a guiding element, challenging players to use sequential thinking in their word discovery process.
  • Color-Coded Proximity:

    • The color-coded system provides visual cues, offering players an indication of their proximity to solving the puzzle and identifying correct letters.
  • Strategic 4-Letter Guessing:

    • Players must strategically guess 4-letter words, drawing from a common dictionary, to uncover the mystery word within the allotted guesses.
  • Engaging Progression:

    • The game's progression from a 5-letter guess to subsequent 4-letter guesses keeps players engaged and invested in the puzzle-solving process.

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