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What is BattleShipple?

BattleShipple stands as a modern and engaging rendition of the traditional battleship game, bringing a fresh perspective to naval warfare in a pirate-themed setting. With daily challenges and a solo play feature, BattleShipple provides a unique and entertaining experience for players to test their strategic prowess and precision. Unlike the conventional pen and paper versions of the game, BattleShipple offers a dynamic and visually immersive gameplay environment.


  1. Shoot Hidden Enemy Ships: The primary rule of BattleShipple is to strategically shoot at hidden enemy ships on a 5x5 sea grid. Players can click on different locations on the grid to target and attack their opponents.

  2. Visual Feedback: After each shot, BattleShipple provides visual feedback to help players track their progress in the game. The feedback system enhances the gaming experience, offering a clear and dynamic representation of the battlefield.

  3. Solo Play Feature: One distinguishing feature of BattleShipple is its solo play option, allowing players to enjoy the game independently. This feature sets it apart from traditional battleship games, providing a solo gaming experience that is both enjoyable and challenging.

  4. Precision and Strategy: To secure victory in BattleShipple, players must employ strategic thinking and meticulous shot planning. The challenge is to sink the enemy ship in just three strikes, adding an extra layer of complexity to the game.


  • Contemporary Pirate-Themed Environment: BattleShipple immerses players in a captivating pirate-themed environment, adding a touch of adventure and excitement to the classic battleship gameplay. The modern setting enhances the overall gaming experience.

  • Daily Challenges: The inclusion of daily challenges keeps the gameplay dynamic and engaging. Players can test their skills with new challenges regularly, ensuring that BattleShipple remains a fresh and entertaining experience.

  • Visual and Immersive Gameplay: BattleShipple offers a visual and immersive gameplay experience, enhancing the traditional battleship game with modern graphics and dynamic visuals. The pirate-themed environment adds an element of storytelling to the naval warfare concept.

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