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Big Tower Tiny Square

What is Big Tower Tiny Square?

Big Tower Tiny Square is a captivating precision platformer that introduces players to a thrilling world where precision is the key to success. Your mission? Rescue Pineapple, your beloved friend, who has been abducted by the notorious Big Square and taken to the top of a perilous tower filled with deathtrap-laden challenges.

Rules and Gameplay

The game's premise revolves around ascending the Big Tower, and navigating a series of meticulously crafted and devilishly designed single-screen sections. Each section presents a unique obstacle course, challenging players to exhibit patience, skill, and precision to overcome the maze-like tower.

Players must meticulously maneuver Tiny Square through a sequence of precision-based challenges, avoiding deadly traps and pitfalls. The game is inspired by classic single-screen arcade games, offering a challenging, one-giant-level experience broken into large, intricately designed sections.


1. Precision Platforming Challenges:

  • Big Tower Tiny Square presents players with precision-based challenges that demand exact timing and flawless execution to progress.

2. Meticulously Crafted Obstacles:

  • Every obstacle within the tower has been meticulously placed, creating a devilishly challenging yet intricately designed gameplay experience.

3. Single-Screen Arcade Inspiration:

  • Inspired by single-screen arcade games, the game offers a seamless and continuous platforming experience without breaks or interruptions.

4. Patience and Skill Testing:

  • Navigating the tower requires patience, skill, and an eye for precision. Players must hone their reflexes and spatial awareness to conquer each section.

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