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Block Puzzle +

What is Block Puzzle +?

Block Puzzle + is a unique puzzle game that seamlessly blends the mechanics of Tetris with the engaging challenges of Sudoku. Players strategically place blocks on the board, aiming to create sufficient free space for subsequent blocks. The objective is to strategically fill rows, clearing blocks and earning bonus points while exercising spatial awareness and strategic placement.


Players strategically position blocks on the board to ensure enough free space for subsequent pieces. By filling an entire row, players clear blocks from the board, earning bonus points and creating more room for further placements. The game continues until no more moves are possible, challenging players to optimize their moves for a high score.


  • Tetris-Sudoku Fusion: Experience the amalgamation of Tetris and Sudoku mechanics, offering a unique and intellectually stimulating gameplay experience.

  • Strategic Placement: Engage in strategic block placement to optimize space, clear rows, and earn bonus points, showcasing spatial awareness and logical thinking.

  • Progressive Challenge: The game progressively increases in difficulty, offering players a challenging yet enjoyable experience that encourages improvement and mastery.

  • High Score Pursuit: Compete against yourself for a higher score with each attempt, challenging players to continuously improve their strategic thinking and puzzle-solving skills.

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