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Blossom Word Game

About Blossom Word Game

Blossom Word Game is an entertaining and hard word puzzle game that puts players' vocabulary abilities to the test. You are given a set of letters and must utilize them to construct as many words as possible in this game.
Blossom Word Game has the same goal as SPELLING BEE, but it includes different options for playing the games you want every day and it also allows you to play limitless bloom word games online. We played it and can promise you that it is an extremely addictive game. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the blooming word game.

Game Rules

-Words must contain at least four letters.

- The center letter must be used in all words.

- Words can utilize the same letter many times.

- There are no proper nouns, hyphenated words, or filthy language in our word list. Create 12 words to solve the puzzle. Longer words earn you more points!

- The more punctuation, the longer the word.

- New terms are added every day.

Game Feature

The game allows you to post the results on social networks, depicting the sequence of efforts with colors but without revealing the letters, increasing the suspense and eagerness to try to disclose the phrase to which you have each been challenged.

How to play Blossom Word Game

- In the blossom game, each four-letter word is worth two points.
- Don't limit yourself to four letters. Longer words are more valuable: 5 letters = 4 points, 6 letters = 6 points, 7 letters = 12 points, +3 points for each subsequent letter.
- A bonus letter can be found on the yellow-outlined petal. Each time you use it, you will receive +5 points.
- Every problem has at least one "pangram," which is a term that uses all seven letters. Pangrams earn 7 more points (for a total of 24)!

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