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What is CHORDLE?

CHORDLE is a musical puzzle game inspired by the popular Wordle format, where players attempt to guess a hidden four-note diatonic seventh chord within four attempts. Unlike traditional guessing games, CHORDLE immerses players in the realm of music theory, requiring them to identify chords from a predefined list, each adhering to specific rules for tonality and structure.

Rules of CHORDLE

  • Diatonic Seventh Chords Only: CHORDLE exclusively features diatonic seventh chords, providing players with a set of rich and colorful harmonies to decipher. The allowed chords include Dominant seventh, Minor seventh, Half-diminished seventh, and Major seventh.

  • Chord Inversions: While the chords must be diatonic seventh chords, players have the flexibility to explore different inversions. Successfully guessing the correct inversion is crucial for victory, adding an extra layer of challenge to the game.

  • Close Position Chords: To maintain a fair and consistent playing field, all chords in CHORDLE must be in close position. This means that all notes within the chord must fit within the span of an octave, ensuring a clear and concise playing experience.

  • No White-Key Sharps or Flats: CHORDLE eliminates the complexity associated with white-key sharps or flats, focusing solely on the purity of diatonic seventh chords. This restriction streamlines the game, making it accessible for players of all music theory backgrounds.


  • Musical Variety: With a repertoire limited to diatonic seventh chords, CHORDLE manages to offer a diverse and captivating musical experience. Players encounter different tonalities, enriching their understanding of harmonic structures.

  • Strategic Guessing: CHORDLE isn't just about identifying chords; it's about strategic guessing. Players must carefully choose their chords for each attempt, considering the feedback received after each guess, to efficiently narrow down the possibilities.

  • Educational and Enjoyable: Beyond its gaming aspect, CHORDLE serves as an educational tool for those looking to enhance their understanding of diatonic seventh chords. It combines learning with entertainment, making it an ideal choice for music students and enthusiasts.

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