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What is Chrono?

Chrono is a game that brings history to life interactively and engagingly. It challenges players to assemble timelines by placing historical events in the correct chronological sequence. The goal is to test and enhance your understanding of the past by requiring you to arrange events based on their actual occurrence, creating a unique and dynamic gameplay experience.

Rules of Chrono

  • Sequence Building: The primary objective of Chrono is to piece together a timeline in the correct chronological order. Players are presented with a set of historical events and must strategically arrange them to reflect the accurate sequence in which they occurred.

  • Limited Attempts: The game introduces an element of challenge by restricting the number of attempts players have to set up the sequence of events. With only three chances, players must approach the task with a well-defined plan of attack, encouraging strategic thinking and careful consideration.

  • Diverse Event Categories: Chrono opens the door to a wide range of historical events, allowing anything of significance in the past or present to qualify. This could include pivotal moments in history, cultural developments, or even a chain of events with historical significance.


  • Interactive Timeline Building: Chrono offers an interactive experience for players, allowing them to actively participate in constructing timelines. Some timelines may involve rearranging events through user-friendly mechanisms such as dragging and dropping cards, adding an extra layer of engagement.

  • Immediate Feedback: After each attempt to set the sequence in motion, Chrono provides immediate feedback. Players are informed whether the events were correctly arranged or if any mistakes were made. This feature serves as an excellent method for gauging and enhancing one's historical knowledge and analytical abilities.

  • Enhancing Analytical Abilities: Success in Chrono requires more than just historical knowledge; it demands logical thinking and an understanding of the given facts. Players must follow storylines, recognize the progression of processes, and employ their analytical abilities to succeed in the game.

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