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Custom Wordle

What is Custom Wordle?

Custom Wordle is a variation of Wordle where you can let your imagination run wild and set your own rules. In the beginning, you can enter a word of any length that you need to guess. Create a link and send it to your friends or people you want to play with. In other aspects, Custom Wordle has the same rules. Your task is to guess the hidden word in six tries using the colored clues to win.

You can make your own custom Wordle game if you believe you have the best Wordle word ever. Custom Wordle has been used a lot in classrooms.

Custom Wordle allows users to create their own Wordle games based on a secret word of their choice. Even though this option isn't for those looking for more puzzles, it does allow you to become a code master and stump your friends. Enter any length of the word, and the game will generate a shared link to the popular Wordle game for others to play. It makes no difference how long your word is. The same mechanics can be used to play random word puzzles, such as the Wordle game.

Game Rules

The rules for Custom Wordle are the same as those for the original Wordle. It has six rows of five squares with words on them. Even the colors are the same as in the original game: grey for letters that don't work, yellow for letters that are in the word but not in the correct position, and green for letters that are in the correct position. If you want to make a tricky word, use letters that aren't commonly used, such as X or Q.

How to play Custom Wordle

Using mouse

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