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What is Deceptle?

Deceptle is a word-guessing game that was clearly inspired by Wordle. This popular app has been downloaded over a million times. The word-guessing game is divided into six rounds. Each round has a different objective, which is to correctly guess each new word. Each guess causes the color of the tiles to change to show how close you were to being correct

Three unique colors (green, yellow, and purple) are Deceptle's color palette. Similar to the traditional Wordle game, each color indicates the degree to which your guess and the true word are close to one another.

Game Rules

Because of the feedback provided by the color changes, you can improve your strategy for spotting the correct word and grow closer with each attempt. Pay attention to the colors and change your predictions accordingly the following time to lower the number of options and your chances of correctly guessing the word within the allotted six attempts.

Deceptle's color scheme consists of green, yellow, and purple. Each color denotes the degree of similarity between your estimate and the real result.

  • Green: When a tile becomes green, it implies your letter estimate is within one letter of being correct. If we guess "apple" for e x ample and the correct answer is "ample," the "p" tile will become green.
  • Yellow: If a tile becomes yellow, it indicates that the right letter is at least two letters ahead of your estimate. For example, if you guess "apple" and the correct answer is "rider," the "r" tile will turn yellow.


  • Purple: The right letter is two or more letters after Y when a tile turns purple. If we guess "apple" and the real word is "buddy," the "b" tile will turn purple for e x ample.

The feedback from color modifications aids in the refinement of your strategy. Observing the color changes and adjusting your estimates will help you narrow your options and improve your odds of properly identifying the words within the six-trial limit.

How to play Deceptle

Using mouse

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