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Disc Us

What is Disc Us?

Disc Us is a fun multiplayer game similar to Among Us in which you must choose a position and either find an impostor or be the one. As a traitor, sabotage your co-stars without being discovered. Get rid of enough friends to win. Can you be the finest detective in the game while also having fun?

Inspired by the renowned game Among Us, you will not get bored as you are confined in a massive spaceship and your life is in danger! The oxygen supply has rapidly depleted, and you just have a 10% chance of survival left.

Game Rules

It's not over until the game is over in Disc Us. If you die, you will respawn in the middle hub. If you are voted out, you can still play by convincing other players to use the key to unlock your cell.

If you want to win, gather as many oxygen tanks as you can while avoiding death from deadly and sharp gigantic spinning discs, and prevent your opponents from finishing their duties! You must move the orbs to the upper chamber, the oxygen tanks to the central square space, garbage such as banana peels to the air vents placed in all of the rooms, and the orbs to the pedestals in each room. Will you complete your quest unscathed and claim victory?

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