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What exactly is Expandle?

Expandle is a word-guessing game that offers a unique twist on the traditional word-game genre. Instead of providing outright clues, it guides players toward the daily word through a series of colored tiles that change to reveal how close your guess is to the target word. Green tiles indicate correct letters in the correct position, yellow tiles signify correct letters in the wrong position, red tiles denote incorrect letters, and bordered tiles indicate the hint to be revealed.

Rules of the Game

  • Daily Word Challenge: The primary objective in Expandle is to guess the daily word, which is different each day. Your goal is to uncover this word within a maximum of six tries.

  • Colored Tile Clues: With each guess you make, Expandle provides a set of colored tiles that correspond to the letters in the word:

    • Green Tiles: These tiles indicate that your guessed letter is in the correct position within the word.
    • Yellow Tiles: Yellow tiles represent letters that are part of the word but are in the wrong position.
    • Red Tiles: Red tiles signify that your guessed letter is not part of the word.
    • Bordered Tiles: Bordered tiles indicate that the hint for a letter is yet to be revealed. You receive hints for as many letters per word as the number of guesses you have made.
  • Limited Attempts: You have a maximum of six attempts to guess the daily word correctly. It's crucial to use your guesses strategically, using the colored tile clues to narrow down your choices.


  • Daily Challenge: Expandle offers a fresh word challenge every day, ensuring that players have a new puzzle to tackle regularly. This feature keeps the game exciting and prevents it from becoming monotonous.

  • Engaging Gameplay: The game's unique approach to word-guessing adds an extra layer of engagement. Players must interpret the colored tiles and strategically plan their guesses to crack the daily word.

  • Progressive Difficulty: As players advance, Expandle offers increasingly challenging words, putting their word-guessing skills to the test. It provides a satisfying learning curve for players of all levels.

  • Educational Value: Beyond entertainment, Expandle enriches players' vocabulary and enhances their deductive reasoning skills. It serves as a fun and educational exercise for word enthusiasts.

  • Quick Mental Challenge: Expandle's gameplay is designed to be accessible and quick, making it ideal for short breaks or moments of leisure when you want to engage your mind in a fun and challenging way.

How to play Expandle

Using mouse

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