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What is Forester?

Forester emerges as a captivating online word-guessing game designed to offer a fun and inclusive experience for players. The primary objective is to correctly guess the hidden word five times within the game's dictionary. With a unique twist on the traditional Wordle format, Forester introduces a 5x5 grid, where players must decipher the secret word hidden in various orientations. The game brings a new shade of green, incorporating images and colors to add a visually appealing dimension to the word-guessing adventure.


To successfully navigate the world of Forester, players must understand and adhere to the rules that define this colorful and engaging word-guessing game:

  • Correctly Guess the Hidden Word:

    • Players aim to correctly guess the hidden word five times to secure a victory.
  • Verify Word in Game Dictionary:

    • The guessed word must be verified from the game's dictionary to count towards a correct guess.
  • Variant of Wordle:

    • Forester introduces a new variant to the traditional Wordle game, incorporating images and colors for a visually appealing experience.
  • Word Search on a 5x5 Grid:

    • The objective is to find a secret word buried within a 5x5 grid.
  • Six Tries to Guess the Secret Word:

    • Within six attempts, players must correctly guess the secret word buried in the grid.
  • Multiple Orientations:

    • The secret word can be hidden in any of four possible orientations—horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and backward.
  • Shading for Incorrect Letters:

    • Letters in the guessed word that do not correspond to those in the hidden word are indicated by shading.
  • No Echoes of Letters:

    • Forester ensures that there are no echoes of letters, providing a clear indication of incorrect guesses.


Forester incorporates features that enhance the gaming experience, making it a colorful and visually appealing word-guessing adventure:

  • Vibrant Visuals:

    • Forester introduces a visually appealing game environment with images, colors, and a shade of green, adding an aesthetic dimension to the word-guessing experience.
  • Unique Grid Format:

    • The 5x5 grid format offers a refreshing twist to the traditional Wordle game, challenging players to adapt to a new and engaging puzzle layout.
  • Inclusive Gameplay:

    • Forester caters to players of all skill levels, providing an inclusive and accessible word-guessing adventure.
  • Strategic Word Guessing:

    • Players must employ strategic thinking to decipher the secret word within the allotted six attempts, adding a layer of challenge to the game.

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