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What is Galaga?

Galaga is one of the most popular video arcade games from the Golden Age. Its arcade version has been transferred to numerous systems, and it has spawned several sequels.

Galaga adds several new features to its predecessor, Galaxian. Among these are the ability to fire multiple shots at once, a count of the player's 'hit/miss ratio' at the end of the game, and a bonus 'Challenging Stage' that occurs every few stages, in which a series of enemies fly onto and off the screen in predetermined patterns without firing at or crashing into the player's ship.

Game Rules

Galaga's goal is to score as many points as possible by destroying insect-like adversaries. The player pilots a starfighter that moves left and right across the bottom of the playfield. Enemies swarm in clusters toward the top of the screen, then begin swooping down toward the player, shooting shots at and attempting to collide with them. In later stages, some enemies will break away from an approaching group in an attempt to crash into the player. The game finishes when the player's last fighter is killed, either by colliding with an enemy, being shot by one of its bullets, or being captured.

Galaga's gameplay places the player in command of a spaceship at the bottom of the screen. The region is empty at the start of each level, but as time passes, enemy aliens will arrive in formation, and once all of the opponents have arrived on screen, they will drop down on the player's ship in formations of one or more and may either shoot it or collide with it. Throughout the stage, the player may fire on the adversaries, and if all enemies have been defeated, the player will advance to the next stage.


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