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What is Gauntletle?

Gauntletle stands as an engaging and free online word-guessing game, providing players with an entertaining way to test their linguistic prowess. The primary goal is to correctly guess at least five words within the game. Each guess results in a change of color, offering visual cues to indicate proximity to the final word. With green signifying correctly placed letters and yellow indicating the presence of letters in different positions, Gauntletle combines strategy and fun for an enjoyable online gaming experience.


To navigate the world of Gauntletle successfully, players must understand and adhere to the rules that define this colorful and entertaining word-guessing game:

  • Correctly Guess Five Words:

    • Players aim to correctly guess at least five words within the game to achieve victory.
  • Color-Coded Visual Cues:

    • After each guess, the tiles are colored to indicate proximity to the target word.
    • Green signifies correctly placed letters, while yellow indicates the presence of letters in different positions.
  • Starting Guesses Seeded:

    • After the first word, players are seeded with the previous word as their starting guess.
    • On the final word, players are seeded with the previous four words as starting guesses.
  • Adversarial Mode (Optional):

    • The final board can be played in adversarial mode for an added challenge.
  • Option to Give Up:

    • Players have the option to give up by hitting the red X.
    • A confirmation prompt ensures that the decision to give up is intentional.


Gauntletle incorporates features that add depth and excitement to the word-guessing adventure, making it a delightful and accessible online gaming experience:

  • Free Online Gameplay:

    • Gauntletle offers free online gameplay, making it easily accessible to players looking for a fun and entertaining word-guessing pastime.
  • Visual Feedback System:

    • The color-coded visual cues provide instant feedback, allowing players to track their progress and adjust their strategy accordingly.
  • Adversarial Mode for Added Challenge:

    • The optional adversarial mode on the final board introduces an extra layer of challenge for players seeking a more competitive experience.
  • Strategic Starting Guesses:

    • The seeding of starting guesses ensures that players have a strategic foundation for their word-guessing journey.
  • Option to Give Up:

    • The inclusion of an option to give up provides players with flexibility, allowing them to exit the game when desired.

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