What is HARDL?

HARDL is a word-guessing game that requires players to decipher a hidden five-letter word. It shares some similarities with Wordle but introduces a captivating twist inspired by the logic-based game Mastermind. Players are presented with a blank canvas and must make educated guesses to uncover the secret word.

The Rules of HARDL

  1. Guess the Five-Letter Word: The primary objective in HARDL is to guess the hidden five-letter word within a limited number of attempts. Each guess should consist of a five-letter word.

  2. Feedback Mechanism: After submitting a guess, HARDL provides valuable feedback to guide players towards the correct answer. The feedback is presented in two colors: yellow and green.

  3. Yellow Feedback: Yellow indicates the number of letters in your guess that are present in the secret word but are not in the correct position.

  4. Green Feedback: Green signifies the number of letters in your guess that are both present in the secret word and in the correct position.

  5. Limited Attempts: Players usually have a limited number of attempts to guess the word, which adds an element of pressure and strategy to the game. The challenge lies in optimizing each guess to maximize information gained.

  6. Process of Elimination: HARDL requires players to use logic and deduction to narrow down the possibilities. Players need to analyze the feedback from previous guesses and make informed decisions about their next guess.


  1. Mental Challenge: HARDL is not just a game of chance or vocabulary; it's a game of intellect. Players must engage their critical thinking skills to crack the code. This mental challenge is what makes HARDL so addictive.

  2. Limited Guesses: Unlike some word games that allow unlimited guesses, HARDL restricts the number of attempts. This limitation adds an element of suspense and encourages players to think strategically.

  3. Combination of Two Classics: HARDL cleverly combines the essence of Wordle and Mastermind, creating a unique gameplay experience that appeals to a broad audience.

  4. Educational Value: HARDL not only entertains but also enhances vocabulary and problem-solving skills. It encourages players to think about words in new ways and expand their linguistic knowledge.

  5. Community Engagement: HARDL can be played solo, but it's also popular in online communities and among friends and family. Sharing strategies and celebrating successes with others can enhance the gaming experience.

How to play HARDL

Using mouse

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