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Immaculate Grid Basketball

What is Immaculate Grid Basketball?

Immaculate Grid Basketball is a trivia game in which you must name a player from one of nine boxes. The solution should meet the basketball team's top and side criteria.

The player will only get 9 chances to guess the name properly, with 100% accuracy required. Fans must be extremely knowledgeable about the sport, and one incorrect response means you will not be able to finish the grid.


  • Choose a player for each cell that fulfills the row and column requirements.
  • You have nine chances to complete the grid.
  • Each correct or incorrect estimate counts as a guess.
  • Every day at 9:00 a.m. ET, a new grid is created.
  • A player cannot be utilized more than once.
  • In the NBA, ABA, or BAA, players might be active or inactive.


  • For the player and team cell, the player must have played at least one game for that team (during the regular season or playoffs).
  • For the team and award cells, the player must have earned the award during a season when he was a member of that team.
  • A player must have been on the postseason roster during the title-winning season to qualify as winning the NBA Finals for a franchise. To be eligible for the ABA Finals, a player must have participated in the playoffs during the title-winning season.
  • For team and season statistics, the player must have recorded the statistic while playing for that team. The stat must have been recorded with that team for players who played on numerous teams during the season. In 2013-14, for example, Rudy Gay averaged 20.0 points per game, splitting the season between Toronto (19.4 PPG) and Sacramento (20.1 PPG). He would not be eligible for either team because he did not make the PPG leaderboard during his stay with either. However, if matched with a category other than a specific team, his season would qualify as a whole.


How to play Immaculate Grid Basketball

Using mouse

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