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Immaculate Grid Hockey

What is Immaculate Grid Hockey?

Immaculate Grid NHL hockey is an ice hockey guessing game in which players are chosen from a 5 × 5 grid or, in some cases, a 4 x 4 grid. Immaculate Grid in hockey refers to a daily ice hockey-themed game that tests supporters' 'icing the puck' knowledge.

Simply put, it is a challenge for ice hockey lovers to learn about the game's history and the 32 franchises and players.

While most sports trivia allows only nine choices of players, this game allows for up to twenty-five guesses (if the grid is 5 x 5). There is also a quest of nine guesses available. And the responses must correspond to the cell's rows and columns.

The game can be both tough and entertaining. Participants must have extensive knowledge and enough of time to correctly guess the answers.

Game Rules

It's not as simple as assuming. You must be well-versed in the history of National Hockey League franchises and their players, both active and inactive.

  • A fresh 5-by-5 or 4-by-4 grid is revealed every day. Teams and/or accomplishments are listed across the top and side.
  • A player will then enter a professional athlete who meets the criteria of both the top and left listings by clicking on one of the 25/ 16 boxes.
  • For example, if a person clicks on the box with the Los Angeles Kings across the top and the New York Rangers on the left, he must add a player who has played for both teams.
  • Some good players include Wayne Gretzky, Luc Robitaille, Harry Howell, Bernie Nicholls, and Tomas Sandstrom.
  • If a person clicks on a box with team names and is Russian-born, they must enter a player who fits the team and is a Russian-born athlete.
  • For example, if the team is the Boston Bruins on the left side and the top criterion is a Russian-born player, Sergei Samsonov would be a viable option.
  • To estimate all sports in the perfect grid, players have just 16 or 25 guesses (4-by-4 grid or 5-by-5 grid), accurate or incorrect.
  • A player can only be predicted once and can be active or inactive.

How to play Immaculate Grid Hockey

Using mouse

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