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In Short

You’ve probably been playing crossword puzzles for ages now. They are such a great way to pass the time and challenge your brain too! Crosswords can be found in newspapers, books, magazines, websites, and mobile apps — you name it! If you’re new to crosswords you should check out the following tips to help you get familiar with them quicker: Look for clues that give hints about what word is hidden in the grid. This will help you figure out the correct spelling of the word when you see it. Look up words in a dictionary before trying to solve a crossword puzzle. You’ll increase your vocabulary and learn new words as well as how they are spelled.
Crosswords are commonly used as a test of vocabulary knowledge or aid in learning English grammar and spelling. One thing most people do not know about these puzzles though is that they have their very own language all their own! Crossword enthusiasts call this unique language Cryptic Crossword English or CXE for short. Let’s find out more about this cryptic language so that next time you solve a crossword puzzle you’ll be able to speak CXE fluently instead of just understanding it!

In Short game is also a version of the crossword puzzle. You will solve the crosswords according to the suggestions given. Each round will appear crosswords with the number of cells equivalent to the number of characters in the answer. Your task is to look at the hints and then choose the letters below to form the correct answer.
- Simple gameplay
- many levels with many interesting crosswords
- help players practice their vocabulary knowledge

How to play In Short

Using Mouse

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