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It's Raining Monkeys

What is It's Raining Monkeys?

It's Raining Monkeys presents players with a crazy and entertaining gaming experience where an umbrella serves as a multifunctional tool amidst a deluge of mischievous monkeys. The game tasks players with strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and resourcefulness to overcome obstacles and progress through levels.

Rules and Gameplay

1. Umbrella as Your Savior:

  • Use your umbrella to activate objects, shield yourself, and bounce monkeys that emerge from pipes, all while navigating through challenging levels.

2. Puzzle Solving and Dodging:

  • Strategically close pipes, activate switches, and dodge ground-bouncing monkeys, as they cannot be defeated but must be skillfully avoided.

3. Health Maintenance and Level Completion:

  • Safeguard your health while progressing through 10 levels by closing pipes and clearing the path to the exit, employing a mix of tactics and agility.


1. Quirky and Engaging Gameplay:

  • Immerse yourself in a delightfully chaotic world, bouncing monkeys and solving puzzles using your versatile umbrella.

2. Strategic Challenges Across Levels:

  • Encounter progressively challenging levels that demand quick thinking, precise movements, and a blend of strategy and skill to overcome.

3. 10 Levels of Adventure and Chaos:

  • Embark on a journey through 10 captivating levels filled with monkeys, puzzles, and a dash of craziness, testing your gaming abilities along the way.

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