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Kriss Kross

What is Kriss Kross?

Kriss Kross is a type of word puzzle where a grid of black and white squares is filled with words that intersect at certain letters, with the black squares indicating where the words change direction. This type of puzzle is also known as a "crossword fill-in" or a "fill-in puzzle."

Kriss Kross is a word puzzle game that is also known as a Fill-In puzzle. It consists of a blank grid with black and white squares, similar to a crossword puzzle. However, unlike a crossword puzzle, there are no clues given for the words. Instead, the puzzle solver must fill in the words themselves using only the pattern of the black and white squares as a guide.

Game Features

- Kriss Kross puzzles are often made out of a grid of blank squares that must be filled with letters to construct words or sentences.
- The puzzles include a list of clues that provide information about the missing words or phrases.
- The words can be entered horizontally or vertically, but they must all fit inside the grid without overlapping or colliding.
- Some Kriss Kross puzzles may additionally have a theme or hidden message that the completed grid might disclose.

Game Rules

The rules for the word puzzle game Kriss Kross, also known as a fill-in puzzle, are as follows:

  1. A blank grid of squares is presented, with some squares blacked out.
  2. Clues are given for the words that will fill in the blank squares. These clues are usually listed in order by number, with each number corresponding to a particular word in the grid.
  3. Words can run horizontally or vertically in the grid and must intersect with other words at certain letters. The black squares indicate where words change direction.
  4. Each letter in a word must fit into the corresponding square in the grid.
  5. The goal is to fill in the grid completely with correct words that fit the clues.

Kriss Kross puzzles are a popular form of the word game.

How to play Kriss Kross

Using mouse

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