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Lethal Company

What is Lethal Company?

Lethal Company thrusts players into the role of a contracted worker, tasked with collecting scrap from industrialized moons to meet the Company's profit targets. The game's premise revolves around the relentless pursuit of profit in a hostile environment, where every decision can impact success or failure.


The gameplay of Lethal Company centers on resource collection and exploration. Players navigate diverse moons, rummaging through abandoned industrial complexes and outdoor landscapes in search of valuable scrap. The ultimate goal is to meet the profit quota set by the Company while facing the risks of venturing into increasingly hazardous environments for higher rewards.


Risk and Reward Mechanics

Lethal Company offers a dynamic gameplay experience, allowing players to choose between safer, lower-yield moons or riskier, high-reward environments. Balancing risk and reward is crucial to meeting quotas and advancing in the game.

Customize Your Journey

Players can utilize their earnings to travel to new moons or invest in upgrades, including fancy suits and ship decorations, adding a layer of personalization to their journey through the cosmos.

Creature Scanning and Exploration

The game encourages exploration of the moons' diverse ecosystems, enabling players to scan and catalog creatures encountered, adding them to a comprehensive bestiary.

Unforgiving Survival Element

While exploring the outdoors and derelict industrial sites, players must navigate challenges, including environmental hazards, hostile creatures, and the ever-looming pressure of meeting profit quotas.

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