LETTERSET is an engaging word game that combines the creativity of word crafting with strategic decision-making. Players aim to spell and submit words to earn points, with longer words receiving point multipliers. The game introduces an element of challenge by deducting points for unused letters, but players are always presented with at least one solution to utilize all their letters, ensuring an exciting and fair playing field.


  • Spell and Submit: The primary objective in LETTERSET is to spell and submit words to earn points. Players can strategically choose words that not only score well but also set the stage for future plays.

  • Point Multipliers for Longer Words: The game rewards players for crafting longer words. Longer words earn point multipliers, encouraging players to aim for complexity and depth in their vocabulary.

  • Utilize All Your Letters: Players are challenged to use all their letters for bonus points. This adds an extra layer of strategy, requiring thoughtful consideration of each letter to maximize the overall score.

  • Deduction for Unused Letters: Points are deducted for any unused letters, motivating players to carefully plan their moves and minimize wasted potential. Strategic decision-making is crucial to maintaining a high score.

  • Always a Solution: To ensure fairness, LETTERSET guarantees that there is always at least one solution to use all your letters. This ensures that players can approach the game with confidence, knowing that a strategic move is always within reach.


  • Creative Word Crafting: LETTERSET provides a platform for creative word crafting. Players can experiment with their vocabulary, exploring the boundaries of language to maximize their point potential.

  • Strategic Decision-Making: The game requires players to think strategically about the words they choose. Balancing the desire for longer words, point multipliers, and the goal of utilizing all letters challenges players to make thoughtful decisions.

  • Fair Gameplay: The guarantee of at least one solution to use all letters ensures fair and enjoyable gameplay. Whether you're a seasoned wordsmith or a casual player, LETTERSET offers a level playing field for all.

  • Dynamic Scoring System: The scoring system in LETTERSET is dynamic, rewarding not only the length of words but also the efficient use of letters. This adds an element of depth to the gameplay, catering to players who appreciate both complexity and precision.

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