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What is LetterZ?

Fantastic World inspired the thrilling spin-off game LetterZ. In this word game, players must construct words using nine occurrences of each letter. To correctly identify the word, the player must use at least three letters from the provided set. The total number of letters that can be used in the game is limited, and once a letter is used, it is no longer available. This adds a strategic element to the game and forces players to take precautions and create well-thought-out environments. Players are also forced to use strategy because once a letter has been used to form a word, it is removed from the pool of available letters.

Because of the letter constraints, you should start with simple words and work your way up to longer words as you become more adept at using the available letters. To generate as many words as possible, balance the vowels and consonants in your word formation. Experiment with different letter combinations to discover new words and possibilities. You should adapt your word-building strategy to the difficulty level you've chosen.


  • To earn points, create and submit words from the available tiles.
  • Valid words must contain at least three letters. To submit, press the enter button.
  • After each successful submission, your score will rise in proportion to the number of letters you used.
  • However, keep in mind that you can only use each letter a certain number of times.
  • You can restart your attempt if you get stuck. Simply tap the icon.

How to play LetterZ

Using mouse

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