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What is Mathle?

Mathle, as the name suggests, is a math-based word game in which you can put your arithmetic skills to the test by guessing the equation and what it looks like. The game was created by an indie hacker who also created the Wordle alternative Reversle. Mathle retains the fundamental aspects of Wordle, but instead of letters, you must reveal an equation made of numbers and two basic arithmetic operations, '+' and '-'.

An '=' sign divides the 8 empty boxes into 5 on the left and 3 on the right. This design ensures that the left-hand side of the equation is a calculation and the right-hand side holds the resultant number.

Mathle's Rules

Mathle provides you with eight empty boxes, five on the left and three on the right. There is an equal (=) sign between these 5 and 3 boxes.

Every day, a new equation is established for the entire world. Players have 5 chances to guess the exact equation, as opposed to 6 chances in Wordle. When you make guesses, the color of the boxes will change from white to green, yellow, or grey.

The green color indicates that you have entered the correct number in the correct location, the yellow color indicates that you have entered the incorrect number in the incorrect location, and the grey color indicates that you have entered a number that is not included in that particular equation.

You will have a number pad with 0 to 9 numbers, a + sign, a - sign, Enter, Delete, and a question mark button to explain the rules.

You must begin by entering a random equation, and the colors of the boxes will guide you. The "a+b" and "a-b" parts of the equation will always be on the left side of the equation, while the "c" will use the three boxes on the right side. C is always a positive number with one, two, or three digits.

If the resultant number is less than 100, it must be entered in the 0xx format. If it is less than 10, enter the result in 00x format.

The equations you guess must be mathematically logical, as the calculation of the left side should always result in the result on the right. You may also use repeated numbers.

How to play Mathle

Using Mouse

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