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Micro Crossword

What is Micro Crossword?

Micro Crossword is a unique puzzle game that presents players with a small grid to solve using a series of clues. Unlike traditional crossword puzzles, where players typically fill in the grid from left to right and top to bottom, Micro Crossword challenges players to work from the bottom up. With its compact size and clever clues, Micro Crossword offers a quick yet satisfying puzzling experience that is perfect for players on the go.

Rules of Micro Crossword

Understanding the rules of Micro Crossword is essential for success in this compact puzzling adventure. Here's a breakdown of the key rules:

  • Fill in the Answers from Bottom Up:

    • Unlike traditional crosswords, where players fill in the grid from left to right and top to bottom, Micro Crossword requires players to solve the puzzle from the bottom up.
    • Players must use the clues provided to determine the correct answers for each square, starting from the bottom row and working their way up.
  • Use the Keyboard to Type Answers:

    • Players can use the keyboard to type in their answers directly into the grid.
    • The game provides clues to help players deduce the correct answers for each square.
  • Clue Navigation:

    • Players can navigate through the clues by clicking the arrows at the top of the puzzle or by clicking on any clue listed on the side of the puzzle.
    • Clicking on a clue will highlight the direction in which the word will be filled in.
  • Clue Direction Change:

    • If players want to change the direction of a clue, they can click on the square twice to switch the direction. The new direction will be highlighted along with the new clue.
  • Reveal and Delete Options:

    • In the "Reveal" section, players have the option to reveal a letter, a word, or the entire puzzle.
    • Additionally, players can delete puzzles and timers at any time in the "Delete" tab, providing flexibility and customization options.

Features of Micro Crossword

Micro Crossword offers a range of features that enhance the puzzling experience and make it a standout game in the world of crossword puzzles. Here are some of the standout features:

Compact Grid Size

With its small grid size, Micro Crossword offers a quick and convenient puzzling experience that is perfect for players looking to squeeze in a quick brain teaser during their busy day.

Clever Clues

Micro Crossword provides players with clever and challenging clues that require strategic thinking and deductive reasoning to solve. The clues are designed to test players' knowledge and vocabulary while keeping them engaged and entertained.

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