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My Perfect Hotel

What is My Perfect Hotel?

My Perfect Hotel welcomes you to participate in an interesting simulation and management game in which you must try your absolute best to realize your ambitions and run an excellent luxury hotel. Take part in a one-of-a-kind journey while being surrounded by hours of nonstop entertainment!

Assume the role of a pleasant bellboy and clean the hotel while directing customers to their rooms and investing your money in unlocking additional upgrades. Begin from the ground up and, with your help, create the world's largest hotel empire. When you feel you can't handle it all on your own, get help and learn a variety of abilities as a manager, investor, and designer. Enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Game Rules

You are the hotel's manager and the sole employee who can do everything. Incoming customers will be greeted and checked in at the desk. Then give them the key and a suitable spot to stay. The customer will check out once their rental period is ended. The money, along with their evaluation, will now be returned to your pocket. After that, the only things left to do are clean the room and welcome fresh guests. On the side, money will be neatly stacked. You simply need to pick it up and arrange it in areas that want improvement. So the service quality has increased, and we just need to work harder.

Quality upgrade

You will utilize the money to upgrade rooms that require it. Make windows, rugs, tables, chairs, and cozy beds. Unlock new rooms to make more space for customers. You should also improve the overall appearance of the property. We installed high-end items such as signage and chandeliers. We also need to renovate the outside as well as the parking garage. All we're doing is making people feel good about themselves. excellent income equals excellent quality.


To save time, we will hire individuals to work for us. The staff will assist guests in finding parking. Allows you to receive guests at the check-in desk more quickly. Clean up the rooms that have just had visitors. Aids in the timely and accurate fulfillment of consumer demands.

Find out about new hotels

You can't just go around and play to get money passively. New assignments will begin in other branch hotels. Each new hotel will have its own distinct design flair. This is also fair for the purposes and preferences of customers in that location. A beachfront hotel, for example, must be designed in a tropical island motif.

How to play My Perfect Hotel

Using Mouse

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